What is IYEO?
You may think “I have a few simple questions about studying abroad. Even though they may be simple, I want to ask them to a counselor in person.” But you don’t have to travel by plane or by bullet train to Tokyo or Osaka just to talk to him/ her for advice far way from your home. IYEO’s nearest office is there for you and we are looking forward to serving you. As each of our member offices is community-based, your counselor might have graduated from the same school as yours, she/he might be a friend of your parents’ classmates. We don’t treat you mechanically as one of our many customer students, but treat you more like a friend.
Some of the students who take our Academic Year in America (AYA) program, one year exchange student program in the U.S., want to study further at college in the United States or other English-speaking countries. We can help such aspirants make their dream come true by giving them appropriate and friendly guidance. We can also help them apply to non-repayable college scholarship programs in the U.S. in order to lessen their financial burdens. We can offer most suitable advice after considering each student’s future career choice.
From 2011, we also support foreign students coming to Japan.
Our service is not limited to the AYA exchange student program, but it expands to various intercultural programs such as adopting sister-city relationships, holding activities between sister-schools, and other cultural or sports events. As these activities are planned and carried out by our member offices, they accumulate various practical knowledge, skills and know-how in intercultural exchange through such events, which can be made use of for their counseling service later.
Each of our counselors is unique and each has his/her own interesting experience. Some of them: won an M.V.P. award in a sport club at a college in the U.S., graduated from first-rated university in the U.S. with excellent grades, traveled around the world as a special attendant of the Prime Minister, obtained an aircraft pilot’s license in the U.S. and so on. We are sure you will be interested in talking with them.
IYEO has a nation-wide network for study abroad and intercultural activities.