Informative Aspects of IYEO
Official name: The Intercultural Youth Exchange Organization
A non-profit organization approved by the Japanese Cabinet Office
Head office:
Address: 2-1-2 Senda-machi, Naka-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima-ken,730-0052
Phone:082-246-9400 Fax:082-243-1849
E-mail: このメールアドレスはスパムボットから保護されています。閲覧するにはJavaScriptを有効にする必要があります。
Organization approved: February 16, 2001, by the Tokyo-Metropolitan government as a non-profit organization. Then on August 6, 2003, our Headquarters moved to Hiroshima with the approval of the Japanese Cabinet Office
Date of foundation: March 1, 2001
Board members:
Honorary President: Hiroshi Yoshikawa
Board Chairperson: Junichiro Hamasuna
Deputy Director: Toshiyuki Hata
Director: Teruo Kikushima
Auditor: Kenji Kaneko
Fundamental principles of the organization:
Our business is to help young people in Japan study abroad and hold various kinds of intercultural programs, activities and events to promote understanding of different cultures. Through these activities, help them foster “an international outlook” so they can see the world from various perspectives, and serve others as a citizen of the global society today.
Our specific activities:
(a) To arrange various activities which foster sound mind and sound body of young people.
(b) To arrange international cultural, artistic or sports events which promote deeper understanding between nations.
(c) To arrange activities which promote international friendships.
(d) All the works related to the above mentioned activities.
Detailed activities for the specific activities
(a) Promoting intercultural activities
(b) Offering information and assistance in foreign study and international exchange.
(c) Promoting international exchange student program between schools in different. countries. Sister city or sister school linking assistance in different countries.
(d) Inviting specialists in promoting intercultural exchange activities.
(e) Organizing volunteer network for studying abroad and intercultural activities.
Our Service Divisions:
A) Academic Year in America(AYA) Program, Japan Division
AYA is one of the most largest and respected high school / home-stay programs in the United States, which is well recognized by high schools across the U.S.
B) American Collegiate Scholarship Program, Japan Division
C) Division for promoting other foreign study with scholarship promoting division
D) Intercultural Exchange Advisory Division
We are a member of:
The Japan Association of Overseas Study (JAOS)
The Council on Standards for International Educational Travel (CSIET)
The Equal Opportunity Japan, non-profit organization
Inuyama International Interaction Organization
International Interaction Organization of Shizuoka City
International Interaction Organization of Kumamoto-ken
Supported by:
The American Institute for Foreign Study Foundation (AIFS), NPO in USA
The Educational Resource Development Trust Foundation (ERDT), NPO in USA
IEI Foundation- the American Collegiate Scholarship Association, NPO in USA
Our member offices in Japan:
Sapporo: Intercultural Exchange Network(IEN)
Sendai: Language Service Center, Maruzen School
Chiba: Educational Foundation Nakamura Gakuen, Chiba Foreign Study Center
Nagoya: Sesame Kids
Mie: Kigyokumiai Mie Foreign Study Center
Osaka: Academy for Better Communication
Hiroshima: American Dream Foreign Study Center
Hiroshima: Educational Foundation Hiroshima YWCA, Educational Travel
Fukuoka: Foreign Study Information Plaza, Japan Center
Minami-Kyushu: Wing Japan Foreign Study Center
Okinawa: Discovery International Foreign Study Center
Our member offices overseas:
Canada: Westcoast International Education Consulting In Canada Ltd
America: North American Nippon Educational Service (Seattle,WA)
Western Australia: Shoji Australia Pty.Ltd. (Perth,WA)
Eastern Australia: International Student Counselling Australia Pty. Ltd.(Brisbane,QLD)
New Zealand: Wellington Business School (Wellington)
Administrative agencies or other supporting organizations in the past:
The Educational Board of Tokyo Metropolis
The Educational Board of Okinawa-ken
The Educational Board of Hiroshima-ken
The Educational Board of Miyazaki-ken
The Educational Board of Fukuoka-ken
Inuyama City, Nihcinan City, Kagamigahara City, Tateyama Machi, 
The Educational Board of Miyazaki City
The Educational Board of Hiroshima City
The Educational Board of Fukuoka City
The Educational Board of Kagamigahara City
The Educational Board of Nichinan City
The Educational Board of Suginami-ward, Tokyo
The Community Welfare Conference of Tokyo Metropolis
The Association of All Public & Private Junior & Senior High school of Hiroshima-Ken
The Kid’s Dream Foundation
The Ryukyu Shinpo Newspaper
The Miyazaki TV Broadcasting Corporation
The Miyazaki Taiyo Bank