Chairperson's Welcome Message
The Intercultural Youth Exchange Organization (IYEO) is a non-profit organization approved by the Japanese Cabinet Office and its purpose is to help the young develop independent, positive and active personality with well-balanced broad views who can be useful in the diversified international community of today.
Not only do we assist elementary school, middle school, high school or college students in Japan to study abroad, but also we do various kinds of intercultural activities like adopting sister-city relationships, holding activities between sister schools, cultural and sports events which promote international exchange and understanding. These activities are supported by our member offices and their counselors with specialized knowledge and extensive experience in the field.
Our head office is located in Hiroshima (Japan) which is often referred to as “Peace City” and our activity network is spreading from the city to Sapporo, Sendai, Chiba, Osaka, Fukuoka, Miyazaki, Okinawa in Japan, further to many other cities in other countries like Seattle, Perth, Brisbane, Wellington and so on.
Recently the number of foreigners who come to Japan for studying has been increasing rapidly. In 2008 the Ministry of Education and Science announced a plan to welcome 300,000 foreign students no later than 2020. According to this policy, multi-national companies or international educational institutes in Japan are asked to play an important social role by accepting more foreign employees or students.
In this situation, what role can IYEO do for the society, for the young from other countries? How can IYEO help the young from different nationalities with different cultures and traditions understand ours and get along with us?
It is by setting up placements or opportunities for young students from abroad, helping their parents and their educators to know more about Japan and Japanese people, and so leading to better mutual understanding. Not through bookish knowledge but through actual communication with people with different cultural and traditional backgrounds, we can learn attitudes and skills to accept the diversity of people. This is what is called internationalism. Therefore, setting up a common meeting ground for different cultures is our mission, I believe.
We are going to promote more intercultural activities for the better mutual understanding between Japan and other countries. We look forward to serving ambitious young people from foreign countries who are eager to study in Japan.
Chairperson of the board 
The Intercultural Youth Exchange
A non-profit organization approved by the Japanese Cabinet Office